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CSIR-IMMT 51st foundation day

(13 Apr-2015)

Utkal Divas 2015

(01 Apr-2015)
Like every year, the CSIR-IMMT Staff club had organized UTKAL DIVAS (?????? ????) celebration on 1st April 2015, to commemorate the formation of the Odisha state which is the first State in the Indian Union to have been formed on linguistic basis, in 1936 on the same day. To grace the occasion, Padma Shri (Prof.) Debiprasanna Pattanaik, a linguist, a social scientist, an author and was invited to address the gathering. Dr.B.Bhoi and his team of students performed flawlessly “Bande utkala janani” song to invigorate the huge gathering. Dr.S.K.Biswal, invited the guest of honour and introduced him to the gathering, Shri P.S.R. Reddy, Scientist in charge have is presidential address and Shri S.K.Mishra (SIC Admin) gave his welcome address. Prof. Pattanaik highlighted the importance of language as well as being together. He also highlighted the weakness of today’s society with disjointed families in place of joint families. He concluded his mesmerizing speech wishing the institute luck and blessings in all its future endeavours. The guest of honour was felicitated by the organizers. The day concluded on a high note with Utkalia pana being served to all, to celebrate the occasion, which lifted the spirits of the huge gathering.

SSBMT 2015 Outdoor Zonal @ CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad

(27 Dec-2015)
This year CSIR-IMMT Bhubaneswar has been grouped under Zone-4, at CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad.

3rd Edition of E-Leage was kick started on 15th November

(14 Nov-2015)


(25 Nov-2015)
A friendly match was organized between the SSBMT players and Rest of IMMT players. Rest of IMMT won the match by 33 runs.

Hussain Zaheer Memorial Bridge Tournament

(08 Jan-2016)
CSIR-IMMT Team participated in the Hussain Zaheer Memorial Bridge Tournament held at CSIR-CIMAP Lucknow from 8th to 10th January 2016. Bridge Team from CSIR-IMMT 1. G K Samal 2. S K Panda 3. S K Shanti 4. B R Das 5. R K Mandal

Utkal Divas 2016

(01 Apr-2016)
The organizing committee of Utkal Divas invites all the staff members with their family and friends for celebration of the Utkal Divas in the Meeting Hall of IMMT, BBSR at 5:00 PM on April 01, 2016, Friday. Shrijukta Satakadi Hota has kindly agreed to address the gathering on the occssion.

Internal Tennis Tournament (Doubles)

(08 Apr-2016)
Want to show your tennis skills? Participate in the upcoming the doubles tennis tournament in our CSIR-IMMT outdoor tennis court. Don't forge to bring your racquet and shoes!!!! Balls and refreshments will be provided. Winners will get an attractive prize as well as crowned as doubles team champions of CSIR-IMMT. Hurry and give your names to Mr. N. Chinnadurai (9040689060) to participate!!!!!!

Thacker Memorial & Atma Ram Memorial Tournament

(21 Nov-2016)
CSIR-IMMT Staff Club will host this year's prestigious all India events among CSIR labs, Thacker memorial Lawn tennis tournament and Atamram memorial Volleyball tournament during 21st to 24th November, 2016 on behalf of CSIR-SPB, New Delhi.

48th SSBMT Indoor Zonal at CSIR-IIP, Dehradun

(28 Dec-2016)
CSIR-IMMT staff club has participated in the 48th SSBMT Indoor Zonal tournament held at CSIR-IIP, Dehradun from 28th-30th Dec 2016. IMMT chess and bridge team became the zonal champion in the above tournament.


(24 Jan-2016)
CSIR-IMMT Staff Club will participate in the Mini Marathon. In Odisha, the mini marathon, will be organized by NALCO, His Excellency Dr. S. C. Jamir, Hon'ble Governor of Odisha will flag off the event at Janata Maidan. The mini marathon covers 5KM distance from Janata Maidan to Kalinga Stadium

A P Mitra Memorial Badminton Tournament

(06 Jan-2016)
AP Mitra Memorial Badminton Tournament is one of the invitational tournaments of CSIR-Sports Promotion Board held annually in fond memory of Dr AP Mitra, former DG CSIR. The tournament brings on invitation, the All India CSIR Team, four other teams of S&T Ministry/Departments, two local teams in the host city and the host team to one competitive platform. Guidelines: 1. All teams have to bring their own kit and playing equipment e.g. racket and proper sportswear, etc. 2. Host instt. will make local arrangements like venue, match officials. 3. Arrangements of boarding & lodging, transport and accommodation will be made by the host Instt. as per the instructions of CSIR-SPB for the duration of the tournament. 4. Concerned authorities such as Administrative Officer/Heads to certify eligibility of selected players and to formally forward the same to the host club. The organizing committee of the host club may verify the identity of the participants.

Participation in selection tournament of Bridge for representing Odisha in 7th summer National Bridge Championship

(13 May-2017)
CSIR-IMMT staff club has Participated in selection tournament of Bridge for representing Odisha in 7th summer National Bridge Championship held at Odisha Secretariat Recreation Club, Bhubaneswar from 13th May to 14th May 2017. The CSIR-IMMT team has selected for representing Odisha team in National. Congratulations !!!

Utkal Divas 2017

(01 Apr-2017)
The organizing committee of Utkal Divas invites all the staff members with their family and friends for celebration of the Utkal Divas in the Meeting Hall of IMMT, BBSR at 10:00 AM on April 01, 2017. Mr. Souri Bandhu Kar has kindly agreed to address the gathering on the occasion.

International Yoga Day - 2017

(21 Jun-2017)
International Yoga Day is celebrated in CSIR-IMMT meeting hall.

Gymnasium Inauguration

(21 Jun-2017)
Multi gymnasium facility at Sports complex is inaugurated by our beloved Acting Director Sh. S K Mishra on International Yoga Day (21.06.2017).

48th Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Memorial (Indoor) Final Tournament at CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow

(03 Mar-2017)
Chess and Bridge team of IMMT staff club have participated in 48th Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Memorial (Indoor) Final Tournament held at CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow from 3rd to 5th March 2017. Sh. A K Sahoo became the Runner-up in the chess event. Congratulation !!!

Inter-departmental cricket tournament

(26 Jan-2017)
Inter-departmental friendly cricket tournament is held on 26th Jan 2016 in IMMT cricket ground. The match is played in tennis ball of six over on knock out basis. Eight teams have been participated. The final match is ended up with a tie. The result is decided by playing a Super over. AMT - Jallikattu bulls team become the Champion by winning the Super over and Director's eleven team become the Runners-up. Dr. Sanjiv Das of Director's eleven team is declared as Man of the series.

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Dr. Bamaprasad Bag, Secretary

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